Runtz Pre-Roll 1g

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1 gram. Hand trimmed. Whole flower. Machine rolled. Elements rice paper.

Runtz is a west coast favorite from the Cookies Family crossing Zkittles and Gelato producing dense colorful flowers coated in resin. This strain lives up to the hype, tasting and smelling like sugary grape candy.

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*Average potency varies from batch to batch. THC/CBD% listed may vary based on purchase date.




3 reviews for Runtz Pre-Roll 1g

  1. ryan.collins138 (verified owner)

    First pre roll in 2 years in the program that is absolute gas even despite being ground. I split my grammer jay into 2 blunts and got absolutely ript off both. Really looking forward to coppin some actual nug of this gas. Tastes and smell par none.

  2. ccollinscirca96 (verified owner)

    Worth the wait, probably best strain in Florida . Even if I gotta buy pre rolls to aquire

  3. Howard Brody (verified owner)

    Real hard to get, but worth the wait. Been trying to get this stain for 6 months now and finally got some pre-rolls, not my style but better than nothing. It definitely lives up to the hype

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