Fish Whistle Pre-Roll 1g

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1 gram. Hand trimmed. Whole flower. Machine rolled. Elements rice paper.

Fish Whistle is perfect for a day out on the water. Even though this sativa has a creative, euphoric, and energizing effect, we can’t guarantee you will catch any fish! Flavors include: sweet pine, citrus and earthy kush.

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*Average potency varies from batch to batch. THC/CBD% listed may vary based on purchase date.




9 reviews for Fish Whistle Pre-Roll 1g

  1. just2sherman (verified owner)

    It’s a good quality with great THC quantity which doesn’t give me the shakes.
    It’s my daytime go to strain

  2. macatac561 (verified owner)

    A++ Strain. Heavy hitter.

  3. alex.harvey7899 (verified owner)

    Hard hitting but still great for work and pain relief

  4. breejames75 (verified owner)

    Amazing strain! Uplifting but doesn’t trigger my anxiety. Great flavor

  5. morgancorbitt7 (verified owner)

    solid strain

  6. charlisa.taylor3 (verified owner)

    The taste is awesome ?

  7. andrewkirk00 (verified owner)

    Currently medicating with a preroll and it’s just amazing. Tastes amazing smells amazing looks amazing. Oh so amazing.

  8. joemuise89 (verified owner)

    my fave daytime strain, takes care of pain and calms the mind and gives ya a boost of energy for the day 🙂

  9. trixy228 (verified owner)

    Love the effects..chill mind is off the pain and I’m hungry!
    Tends to make me cough more than others

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