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Contains 3.5g hand trimmed flower. Container Made in USA.

Bred by Cannarado, Sherb D is Sunset Sherbert x Chemdog “D”, the #1 is our first of 2 selections from these rare seeds. Sherb D #1 offers an intense Sunset Sherbert smell with an expansive Chemdog “D” effect.

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*Average potency varies from batch to batch. THC/CBD% listed may vary based on purchase date.




4 reviews for Sherb D Flower 3.5g

  1. mikewanadoo (verified owner)

    Really nice aroma and bag appeal, puts me in a calmer brighter mood, decent at easing light to moderate pain but most helpful at slowing an over active mind while keeping me mostly clear headed.

  2. bfoster7593 (verified owner)

    wow this had me feeling good. Is it normal that I had vivid hallucinations? Just kidding, but it was pretty nice.

  3. gweasel77 (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the effects! Not as fregrant or flavorful as Sunset Sherb. Clear headed, motivational and energetic. It’s def good meds, although out of the Chem D, Chem Sis and Sherb D this is my least fav of the Chem crosses I’ve had from One Plant so far.

  4. gweasel77 (verified owner)

    Not as fregrant or flavorful as Sunset Sherb, but has a really nice effect. Clear headed and Motivational. Def good meds, but my least fav of the Chem crosses I’ve had so far from One Plant.

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