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Contains 3.5 g hand trimmed flower. Container Made in USA.

Dirty Lemons brings the legendary Ohio Lemon G, the ever powerful Chem D, and I95 together for mix. Flavors inlcude a strong citrus and lemon that transfer into a potent and long-lasting effect.

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*Average potency varies from batch to batch. THC/CBD% listed may vary based on purchase date.




7 reviews for Dirty Lemons Flower 3.5g

  1. CCbuddy (verified owner)

    I love how this put me on my ass, happy anxiety free relaxation. Really aided also with releasing tension in my lower back.

  2. cddbz2004 (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable Indica dominate strain with minimal couch lock. Smell is very similar to Tangie and Cream from Columbia Care or The Botanist with an orange citrus mixed with an kush funk. The buds are very dry and almost brittle to the touch which is really my only complaint, however when broken up the buds become very sticky. Taste in my vape is very similar to the smell and very tasty. Effects are an immediate heavyness all over and my thoughts begin to slow down. A great strain to wind down with at night or as a daytime Indica. Personally found I could still walk around and function without much issue despite the heavy feeling it provides. Overall very happy with the purchase and will happily pick some more up of another batch. Recommend for anyone who medicates for anxiety and depression as the strain leaves me happy overall and calms my nerves.

  3. ozzie4610 (verified owner)

    Wow. I love Dirty Lemons.. Best one yet.. Keep it up your doing Great with New strains.. Thank you…

  4. mike persan (verified owner)

    great hi. very fresh. expensive.

  5. macatac561 (verified owner)

    Amazing strain. Smells and taste intensely of lemons. The effects are heavy. I like pairing this with I-75.

  6. robertm7057 (verified owner)

    This strain destroyed my chronic pain. relaxing up beat and euphoric. very potent. the smoke was very thick like hash ,burned real slow and tastes great.Buying more now!

  7. jcgomez02017 (verified owner)

    This is the most fun strain I’ve ever smoked. It smells AWESOME like ginger and lime kind of like a margarita. The effect is very intense. It put me there and kept me there!

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