Chem 4 x Chem SiS Live Rosin 1g

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Full spectrum (149u-40u) live rosin made from pressed bubble hash. Dab at low temps (550-590f)

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*Average potency varies from batch to batch. THC/CBD% listed may vary based on purchase date.




3 reviews for Chem 4 x Chem SiS Live Rosin 1g

  1. gweasel77 (verified owner)

    Great work on the Solventless Live Rosin One Plant! Loving all this Chem!!!

  2. kingjappyjoe (verified owner)

    This is by far the best rosin I have tried in Florida. Enjoyed more than the Runtz which I was surprised about. Love this cross!

  3. kingjappyjoe (verified owner)

    I have tried this , the Runtz Rosin, Sherb D Rosin, MPX Queso Perro, Islamorada, and a bunch of Trulieves Rosins , and this is by FAR the best rosin I have tried in the state. I expected to like the Runtz more but besides the taste (which is one of the least important factors for MY purchases), the Chem 4/Sis rosin was alot better. The effects are fantastic and it tastes very good as well just not the super candy taste the Runtz has. I will probably be getting this any time I see it when I am buying.

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