Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have sales or specials on flower?

We price our flower the same everyday with our ‘The More You Buy the More You Save’ program. The cost of an 1/8th goes down the more you buy.  A full ounce is discounted over 30%.  This is our everyday savings program, no coupon needed.

Do you offer Veteran’s Discounts?

Yes! We offer our active and retired military 15%* off all purchases.  Online, you will need to upload your identification at the time of order and also show at delivery.  In store, please just show your military ID.

*Some restrictions may occasionally apply.

Do you offer any other discounts for groups such as low income, seniors or industry?

When we introduced our everyday savings program ‘The More You Buy the More You Save’ we eliminated those discounts. The savings are now even greater and available to everyone.

We offer our discounts through our loyalty rewards program and also through our ‘The More You Buy the More You Save’ program.

Do you offer a new patient discount?

Yes, you can make either a delivery or in-store pick-up order on our website and use code ‘NewFan’. If you go into a store and want to use the discount code, you can make your purchase using one of our tablets, select ‘pick-up’, and the store will prepare your order.  Otherwise, you can save your discount and use from the comfort of your home on your next order after you have tried a few products.

Can I use the new patient (first time discount) on all products?

There may be occasional restrictions, but it is typically applicable to your entire purchase. Please check the website at the time of order for any restrictions.

Do your discounts expire?

We cannot guarantee that any promotion will last forever. We try to always post an expiration date on any promotion, but all offers are subject to change.


What type of payments do you take?

Cash or CanPay in stores, with CanPay for delivery beginning in March, 2020.

Do you plan to add CanPay to delivery?

Yes- we hope to offer CanPay at delivery by March of 2020.

Delivery & Pickup

What is the delivery process?

Once you place your order online, a customer service member will verify your order and your patient eligibility. Once verified, a customer service rep will call you to confirm a delivery window.

Your order will be delivered by one of our 2-person delivery teams. They drive a white van.  FYI the van is unmarked, as the state does not allow our business name or logo in any form on a delivery vehicle.  Our professional team is very discreet and helpful.

You will need to be present during the delivery and have valid ID to verify that you are the patient or the patient caregiver who placed the order.

What happens if I am not home for a scheduled delivery or in-store pick-up?

If you need to cancel an order already in route, please call customer service as soon as possible. Your order will be cancelled and returned.  More than one failure to be present for a confirmed delivery may result in the patient no longer being eligible for delivery or pick-up.  The order will not go against your monthly medical allotment.

How do I know which delivery hub to choose?

When you enter your address or share your location, you will be automatically directed to the correct delivery hub and see the inventory available for your area.

Where do you deliver?

We currently delivery to most of the state of Florida. Please enter your address in our e-commerce system to see if we deliver to your area.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes. We currently deliver to most of the state of Florida.

Is There a Delivery Fee?

Orders over $125 are free delivery.  Orders under $125 have a $25 delivery fee.

How long does it take to get a delivery?

Most orders are delivered in 48 hours or less. In areas within a few miles of our stores, we offer same day delivery.

When you place an online order for delivery, your soonest delivery options will be available to select from in a drop down at checkout.

Cultivation & Products

Do you machine or hand trim?

We hand trim our products and take meticulous care of our trim. We believe in many cases people can trim too tightly, preventing the patient from being able to see the distinct leaf structure of each strain. Our team is trained on our preferred trim methods and inspected routinely.

Why have I found seeds in your flower before?

While the cannabis plant is amazing, it is not perfect – Some female plants respond to even the slightest stress by creating pollen to create seeds and pass on its genetics.

What is the difference between ChemD and ChemDog?

We are promoting ChemDog as a blanket term for the real ChemDog strains: “Chem 91”, “ChemD” & “Chem 4”. There are multiple ChemDog’s, each is unique and equally potent – With the “ChemD” being among the most popular and sought after, although we all have our favorites.

Are all tiers hand-trimmed?


Are your products and seeds organic?

The USDA does not designate organic cannabis products. However, we do grow cleanly using only organic growing methods.

What is the difference between the $68/eighth and the $48/eighth?

The quality of the flower and how it is grown is the same, but the genetics are what determine the price. Genetics that are harder to find, limited runs, or offer a more complex structure or terpene profile are in the higher price point.

All of our flower is grown in a clean environment using only organic growing techniques. We hand water and hand trim all of our flower.


Why don’t you have ‘Smalls/Breakaways’ or the ‘Shake it baby’ specials anymore?

When we have either an abundance of a strain, or a strain that perhaps didn’t test for the desired profile, we may occasionally offer these products. We do not believe that the size of a bud determines its value.  We blend both large and small buds within our eighths.

Do you grow in soil?

Yes, we do.


Is your packaging recyclable?

Beginning in March, all of our products will be packaged in Calyx containers. These products are American made highest pharmaceutical grade, include sealing technology beneficial to preserving cannabis, and are both recyclable and biodegradable.

Loyalty & Rewards Program

How does your Loyalty Rewards program work?

We offer a One Plant loyalty rewards program that gives up to 10% back on all purchase. Sign up here and learn more: https://oneplant.us/loyalty-program/.  You can also text ‘Join ONEPLANT’ to 954-280-6907.

How can I check my rewards points?

When you sign into our e-commerce site and place an order, your points balance will show in your cart at check-out. To use points, please put a note in the comments box at checkout letting us know which reward you would like to use.  You can also check your points by going to this link and accessing your points wallet: https://enrollnow.vip/login/2567