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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Delivery work?

Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation that your order has been received. A scheduling agent will contact you from 1-877-308-3344 to set up your delivery. Please be on the lookout for the call to avoid scheduling delays. We suggest that you save our toll free number in your phone as well under One Plant. Learn More

How Do I Know Which Delivery Hub To Choose?

The delivery location is automatically selected by county when your zip code is entered.

Where Do You Deliver?

Enter your zip code here to see if you are located within our delivery zone.

Is There a Delivery Fee?

Our Fern Park location has free delivery over 50$, all other locations would be free delivery over 100$.

How Long Does it Take To Get a Delivery?

Orders are processed in the order in which they are received. Most orders are scheduled within 24 hours.

Same day delivery is available in some areas. Call 1-877-308-3344 for assistance.

What Is The Delivery Process?

Once you place your order online, we will verify your information as well as your patient eligibility by contacting you via phone from 1-877-308-3344. You may call us or be on the lookout for the call so that we may schedule your order.

The order will be delivered by a member of our two-party team to assure a safe and efficient delivery. Per DOH guidelines our delivery drivers will be in an unmarked vehicle. Please be sure to be present at the time of delivery, with your valid Medical Marijuana Card, or form of ID.


Do You Offer Veteran's Discounts?

Yes! All currently Active and retired military will receive 25% off all orders! Just show us your DD214 or your ID with Veterans Status! (Please note that discounts are not stackable here at One Plant and cannot be used on sale items.)

Do You Offer A New Patient Discount?

New Patients will receive 25% off their first order! Just use code “NEWFAN25” upon checkout! (*Please note the “NEWFAN25” is not stackable with other discounts and does not apply to sale items.  This discount does not have to be used on your first purchase and can be saved for up to one year.

Do Your Discounts Expire?

We cannot guarantee that any promotion will last forever. We try to always post an expiration date on any promotion, but all offers are subject to change.

Please note that discounts are not stackable.

Can I Use The New Patient (First Time Discount) On All Products?

There may be occasional restrictions, but it is typically applied to your entire purchase. Please check the website at the time of order for any restrictions.

Discounts are not stackable and are only eligible on full-priced items.


Are All Tiers Hand Trimmed?

We hand trim our products and take meticulous care of our trim. We believe in many cases people can trim too tightly, preventing the patient from being able to see the distinct leaf structure of each strain. Our team is trained on our preferred trim methods and inspected routinely.

What Is The Difference Between Chemd And Chemdog?

We are promoting ChemDog as a blanket term for the real ChemDog strains: “Chem 91”, “ChemD” & “Chem 4”. There are multiple ChemDog’s, each is unique and equally potent – With the “ChemD” being among the most popular and sought after, although we all have our favorites.

Are All Tiers Hand-Trimmed?


Are Your Products And Seeds Organic?

The USDA does not designate organic cannabis products. However, we do grow cleanly using only organic growing methods.

What Is The Difference Between The $60/Eighth And The $50/Eighth?

The quality of the flower and how it is grown is the same, but the genetics are what determine the price. Genetics that are harder to find, limited runs, or offer a more complex structure or terpene profile are in the higher price point.

All of our flower is grown in a clean environment using only organic growing techniques. We hand water and hand trim all of our flower.

Loyalty Rewards & Discounts

How Does Your Loyalty Rewards Program Work?

We offer a One Plant loyalty rewards program that gives up to 10% back on all purchase.

Text ‘ONEPLANT’ to 954-237-8600 to join!

Please note that rewards points may be redeemed 24 hours after completed purchase. Only one loyalty reward may be redeemed per day.

How Can I Check My Rewards Points?

To use points, please put a note in the comments box at checkout letting us know which reward you would like to use. You can also check your points by going to this link and accessing your points wallet here.

Order Cancellations & Revisions

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Should you need to cancel your order, please reach out to customer service asap or cancel your order online. Once your order is cancelled you will be required to place a new order online and go through the checkout/verification process.

Customer service: 1-877-308-3344


What Is Your Cancellation Policy Prior To Scheduling?

Once your order is received and processed, our Logistics team will contact you on the phone number listed on your online order. We will attempt to contact you via telephone, email (if provided) and text message (cell phones only), or any combination of these. (Stores using telephone only at this time). Unfortunately after 3 unsuccessful attempts or 36 hours (Mon-Fri), whichever comes first, your order will be cancelled and you will have to replace it at oneplant.us

Can I Make Changes To An Order Already Placed?

At this time we do not allow for modifications to orders. If you need to make a modification or would like additional items, please be sure to submit an additional order and ask to have it combined with your existing order.

What Is Your Return Policy

One Plant medical marijuana products are subject to all state laws and regulations. We meticulously grow, cure, and test our cannabis for quality and safety. Due to the nature of medical marijuana products, all sales are final. Damaged or defective products may be exchanged for a new product of the same category and/or value as the returned product within 2 days of purchase. In the event an item in the same category and/or value is not currently available a store credit for the purchase price will be issued. Item must be returned with a patient receipt, in its original packaging, with patient labels, and batch numbers. Empty cartridges may not be returned for any reason. One Plant reserves the right to test and determine if a product and/or device is defective.


What Types Of Payment Do You Take?

At this time, we currently accept Cash, or Canpay.  All locations also have an ATM on site!


Is Your Packaging Recyclable?

All of our products will be packaged in Calyx containers. These products are American made highest pharmaceutical grade, include sealing technology beneficial to preserving cannabis, and are both recyclable and biodegradable.