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Why We Call Ourselves Cannabis Cultivars – One Plant

cannabis cultivars

As a vertically integrated cannabis company in Florida, our main objective at One Plant is to cultivate a remarkable experience through exceptional cannabis. We continuously test our products above and beyond what the state demands with our own grading system ensuring consistency in both quality and effect. Our growers are committed to honoring the fullest expression of each seed and holding our team accountable for producing the highest quality flower in the state. In everything we do, we strive to live up to that vision, so we call ourselves cannabis cultivars. Read on to learn more about medical cannabis cultivation and determine why our approach makes all the difference in your experience.

Cultivar Definition

With the ever-changing and evolving cannabis industry, many are surprised at how much varieties of cannabis are available for medicinal use. There are hundreds of different strains in existence today. This diversity is owed to the cultivators that they come from. Simply put, a cultivar is a plant created through selective breeding. By choosing specific plants to cross, a grower can give the resulting cultivar specific desired properties.

The Basic Growing Process

Here’s how a marijuana plant grows from seed to harvest:

  1. Seeds or Trimmings

We begin by either planting carefully selected seeds or using trimmings from other cannabis plants. These trimmings are sometimes called clones. Tender-loving care goes into encouraging the seeds to germinate or the clone to propagate.

  1. Transplanting and Topping

Once the seedlings take root, we carefully monitor them and then transplant them before becoming too big for their containers. We also track the growth. At just the right moment, we carefully cut the top off of the plant. This process, known as topping, encourages the cultivar to develop a bushy, full shape.

  1. Vegetative Growth

While the cultivars grow, we carefully attend to them to ensure that they have everything they need to develop into healthy mature plants.

  1. Flowering

During the first few weeks of flowering, we keep a close eye on the development to harvest at just the right moment.

  1. The Final Steps

Peak ripeness passes by quickly. We precisely time the harvest and then dry, hand manicure, and cure the cannabis.

Attention to Detail Matters

To ensure the best possible harvest, our growers strictly control the environment of our farm. Every detail matters. Some considerations include:

  • Irrigation. Our plants are grown indoors, so we use an advanced irrigation system to supply them with an adequate amount of water during each stage in the process.
  • Ventilation. Plants require carbon dioxide to live. Proper ventilation helps to ensure that our cultivars have an optimal amount.
  • Temperature and Humidity Control. We keep conditions within a precise range to promote growth and constantly monitor to adjust temperature and humidity as needed.
  • Lighting. Due to the indoor growing environment, artificial light must take the place of the sun. Different light qualities and intensities are beneficial during each stage of growth, and we match the lighting conditions to the plants’ current needs.
  • Soil. We supply our plants with vital nutrients and treat the soil to keep it within ideal pH levels through each step of development.
  • Pest and Pathogen Control. Even indoors, cannabis plants are susceptible to pests, mold, and fungus that can destroy a harvest. We use naturally derived pesticides and fungicides to combat these threats.

Our Advanced Cannabis Cultivation

In addition to our close control of the growing environment and our careful selection of seeds and clones, we go above and beyond during the cultivating process. We have driven across the country to acquire rare plants, and we have invested countless hours poring over research and talking to the growers that came before us to learn the best techniques. After the harvest, we choose only the finest flowers, selecting each one by hand.

Quality You Can Rely On

The state of Florida has put requirements in place for testing to ensure that customers receive a reliable product. Because of our commitment to quality, our testing program exceeds the guidelines put forth by the state. We have also developed our own grading system to ensure consistency across all of our locations. Both quality and effect are taken into consideration when assigning grades. This way, you can feel confident that you are getting medical cannabis that will exceed your expectations and give you the best possible experience.

Whether you prefer pickup or delivery, we’ll be happy to explain the differences between all of the cannabis strains currently available and help you select the one that is right for your needs.


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