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Secure the Bag – Delivery & Curbside

By all means necessary, secure the contents of your bag. With that being said, we’ve got you covered. Our delivery service not only secures your bag, but hand-delivers it too. Right to your door, any door. Work, home, whatever! You don’t have to drive to us we will be happy to come to you.

We value the goods in the bag just as much as you do, which is why our delivery service is seamless. From the moment our premium, hand-trimmed flower is packaged, it’s out for delivery. Literally. Our concentrates, distillates and other refrigerated products are carefully packed and left in the fridge until they are delivered to your door. We value the freshness of our products and would like them to be enjoyed at their fullest potential, which is why our statewide delivery services have set us apart from other Florida dispensaries.

In addition to our delivery services, all of our One Plant store locations offer same-day, curbside pickup. Once your pickup order is placed, you’ll receive a confirmation text that we’ve received your order and then another text when your order is ready. At your convenience, come by the store and pickup your goods or shoot us a text and we’ll bring them out to you. Let’s be real here, One Plant drive-through is as good as it gets.

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer high quality products with the utmost convenience and reliability. Once your order is placed, we guarantee that it will be fulfilled and delivered in 24-48 hours. No lines or traffic, just a fresh batch of flower delivered to your door. Sit back and relax – the rest is on us.

On that note, please enjoy our products responsibly. Must be +21 to purchase.

P.S. We offer FREE delivery for all orders over $100 and if this is your first order with us please use the promo code “NEWFAN” at checkout to receive 25% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER.

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