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*Free delivery requires a minimum purchase of $125 after any applicable discounts.  Orders under $125 will have a delivery fee of $25. Limited delivery to the Florida Keys begins January 2020.

Please have your MMUR Patient ID number and expiration date ready, along with delivery address and what you would like to order.

Please keep in mind we cannot guarantee availability of any item,  but update inventory weekly.

Thank you.

Our Products & Pricing

One Plant flower is grown in clean soil and using only organic growing methods.
.5g 1g 3.5g (1/8th) 7g (¼ ounce) 14g (½ ounce) 28g (1 ounce)
Exosphere $ 10.00 $ 18.00  $ 68.00  $ 120.00  $ 210.00  $ 368.00
Thermosphere $ 8.00 $ 14.00  $ 48.00  $ 84.00  $ 148.00  $ 260.00
Mesosphere $ 6.00 $ 10.00  $ 28.00  $ 50.00  $ 88.00  $ 158.00

Mix and Match any strains in the same tier for discount pricing!


0.5g Vape Cart $35


3.5g $28-$68


$6 – $18

Current Availability*

  • MAC1
  • Chem-D (launching December)
  • Mandarin Triangle Kush (MTK)
  • Vanilla Berry Pie
  • More launching soon!
  • Ebony & Ivory
  • Lemon Sugar Kush
  • Pink Ice
  • Vanilla Berry Pie
  • Darth Revan
  • Miami Vice

*Availability subject to change daily, based on sell through.


(Very limited supply, while supplies last. No additional discounts apply.)
$99 Pre-ground Ounce
“Shake it Baby” Pre-Shredded flower that’s a steal of a deal if you like to roll your own.

It’s not our premium flower, but it still packs a punch and is a great value for all patients. Our “Ready-To-Roll” promo includes 1 oz. of Mendocino Ménage (14.0% THC), Pre-Roll Papers and a One Plant Bic Lighter for only $99.
You ready? Let’s roll!

Veterans Special

November 11th – 16th
25% off all reg. price plus free .5g pre-roll with ANY order.

Rewards Program

Have  you heard? One Plant has launched a Rewards Program! For every $1  spent, you earn 1 point toward awesome Rewards. 

Ready to Join? Open up your Camera application on your smartphone device and  point to this QR Code image to the right – follow the prompts to Text and Join –  once we receive your message, we’ll deliver you your One Plant Rewards Wallet!

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Our Cultivars*

Ebony and Ivory

THC 27.47% / CBD 0.05%

      • Sativa Dominant Hybrid
      • From Swamp Boys Seeds, Ebony & Ivory perfectly mixes a take on old-school Florida Haze and the classic hashyness of The White. With notes of sweet woody Haze, hash and fuel, this strain has an instant onset with clear, energizing and creative effect.
Pink Ice

THC 24.18% / CBD 0.05%

      • Sativa Dominant Hybrid
      • Pink Ice brings the potency of the Humboldt Snow and the sweetness of the famed Indiana Bubblegum together, offering a heavy, but, relaxing effect with notes of earthy haze, hash and a distinct sweet candy notes.
Lemon Sugar Kush

THC 17.34% / CBD 0.03%

      • Sativa Dominant Hybrid
      • Lemon Sugar Kush is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that offers defined notes of sweet lemon icing and sugary fuel with a creative and uplifting effects.
Vanilla Berry Pie

THC 21.79% / CBD 0.05%

      • Indica Dominant Hybrid
      • Vanilla Berry Pie is a relaxing Indica-dominant hybrid with notes of berries, sour Kush and sweet fuel. Its sedative effects make a great option for pain relief.
Mandarin Triangle Kush (MTK)

THC 25.20% / CBD 0.06%

      • Indica Dominant Hybrid
      • Mandarin Tk flavor and effects are what make her truly special. A range of different citrus flavors( orange, lime, acrid lemon) accompany a light grassy pine Kush undertone. Her long-lasting euphoric effects lean towards a non-drowsy Indica.
Mendocino Menage a Trois

THC 14.44% / CBD 0.03%

      • Indica Dominant Hybrid
      • Blending the Florida-born Triangle Kush and the California-bred Mendo Purps makes a powerful Indica dominant hybrid with notes of classic OG Kush, grapes, lemons and fuel. Effects include euphoria, sleepiness, increased appetite and a general feeling of wellbeing.
Darth Revan

THC 18.62% / CBD 0.05%

      • Indica Dominant Hybrid
      • Darth Revan is an Indica-dominant hybrid that induces a relaxed and euphoric effect. It has a fruity, sweet taste.

THC 20.48% / CBD 0.03%

      • Indica Dominant Hybrid
      • MAC 1 or Miracle Alien Cookies is a strong Indica dominant hybrid with notes of sweet dough, cream, skunk and hashy kush.  Effects include a fast onset with a creative but generally relaxed feeling.
Chem D

Coming Soon!

*Average potency varies from batch to batch. THC/CBD % listed may vary based on purchase date.

Available Discounts

One Plant offers the following discounts on all regular price items. Discounts do not apply to specials or limited ‘Premium’ flower when available.

● First time patient discount = 25% off your first purchase

● Active and retired military = 20% (with valid ID)

● MMJ industry discount = 20% (with valid ID)

● Over 65 senior discount = 10% (with valid ID)

CBD/THC Info: The potency or strength of medicinal Cannabis flower will vary significantly according to the concentration and amounts of THC and/or CBD present in the flower. Patients should pay close attention to the cannabinoid profile as verified by lab test labeling on the product packaging, and lab certificate of analysis (COA) available on request. Higher % values of THC are more likely to lead to intoxicating side effects and warrant caution before repeat dosing.

As an example, one gram of Cannabis flower containing 20% THC will contain 0.2 gram of THC (or 200 mg). One small inhalation could easily lead to a dose of 5 mg or more of THC, which is a recommended starting dose. Use this product under the guidance of your physician.

Supply Cost: .5g = $8.00, 1g = $15.00 Monthly supply: 30 Day $50, 50 Day $100, 70 Day $150.  Discounts may apply.

Ingredients: Organically Grown Cannabis

Dosing: One small inhalation could easily lead to a dose of 5 mg or more of THC, which is a recommended starting dose. Use this product under the guidance of your physician.

Dose unit: each 1-2 second inhalation will result in ~5mg dose of THC Total number of doses available: 1-20.  Delivery device for vaporization (batteries) available for $10.

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